Blockchain is fundamental of Crescent Donation Coin (CDC) system.

Blockchain is technology as distributed public ledger that prevents double payment by using P2P network. Blockchain is called as public ledger which manages transaction ledger publicly.

It is a technique to prevent hacking that can occur when trading in cryptocurrency. Existing financial institutions store transaction records on centralized servers, whereas blockchain send transaction histories to all users who participate in transactions and check transactions to prevent data forgery.

CDC is a case of applying blockchain technology. All transaction records are open to public, ensuring transparency. Users around the world using CDC verify this record steadily and consistently in every certain time to prevent hacking.


Crescent Donation Coin (CDC) stores unique value (hash value) of previous block when a new block is created.

All blocks are connected through hash value.

If someone maliciously modifies transaction list, hash value of the block which containing transaction list will be changed. Hash value of the next block storing the hash value mentioned above will be also modified.

CDC is secure because it is impossible that all block details after the hacked block have to revised consecutively.


Ledger of Crescent Donation Coin (CDC) is shared for all users.

Even if an individual’s transaction ledger changes, it can be restored quickly as it was because a great number of users share the same ledger.

CDC is secure because if you want to change transaction lists, more than a half of ledgers should be modified and it is impossible. Of course, users do not have to do this themselves but the computer connected to CDC network will handle it. Users try to connect their computer to CDC network.

CDC will bring enormous changes to financial market, circulation market and all connected network.


Blockchain and Crescent Donation Coin (CDC) will bring innovation which is going to be greater than the Internet revolution. Pay attention to unlimited potentiality of CDC.

All centralized services could be reorganized into CDC way. This change will not only affect the technical area but also return the centralized authority to individual user.

If users can manage the financial system, the profit that financial companies have been taking may return to the user’s hand. If you look at CDC simply as a channel of funding, you are seeing only the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to see a service that changes the world, you should pay attention to blockchain.


Electronic Payment

  • • Pay on mobile & web by using cryptocurrency (points) like E-Money
  • • No time or space limitation. Global service is available
  • • Free usage of payment services
  • • One card for both online and offline payment services

Electronic Bankbook Service

  • • Provide financial bank services such as real-time transfer, deposit, and check transaction lists on apps and webs
  • • Easy to use without ISP or authentication for user convenience
  • • Offer RTT(Real-Time Text) service when entrance and withdrawal is made
  • • Use it like real cash through points accumulation and use

Points Payment and Accumulation

  • • Points integrated management service with point-related companies
  • • Able to transfer, withdraw and pay like cash
  • • Able to accumulate points that functioned as cash at the same time when payment is settled in real time basis
  • • Check real time usage and accumulation
  • • Provide services for accumulation a portion of points in every and use cash in real time

Expansion of Coin Business

  • • Replace point business with coin business
  • • Supplement existing system and modify program by blockchain algorithm
  • • Change default program from virtual accounts to e-wallet system
  • • Establish partnership with ICO related companies in Singapore
  • • Marketing for coin promotion and usage

Use of Coins



Innovative Payment System, CDC makes it possible.


Real time

Real-time synchronization among homepage, mobile application and C-Card



Easy coin transfer to acquaintance by QR code or electronic wallet


User Interface

Convenient app enables easy viewing of electronic wallets and transactions!


Payment method

You can use your deposit immediately